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Antwerp Zoo

The majestic Antwerp Zoo lays hidden in a quiet corner of the Astridplein next to the Central Station which makes it a perfect location. The Zoo Antwerp and Planckendael had 1,6 million visitors in 2013 and dates back from 1853 which makes it the oldest zoo in Belgium.

Antwerp Zoo Front Gates

There is a lot of life in the Antwerp Zoo! This zoo has over 5,000 animals, including 769 different species and has a beautiful 19th century garden.

All the animals in the zoo Antwerp and zoo Planckendael combined consume about 41 tons of fish, 52 tons of meat, 37 tons of apples, 36 tons of carrots, 128 tons of hay, 4,000 litres of milk, 23,000 eggs and 10,000 loaves of bread.

Beyond the fact that the zoo has a unique appearance, a part of the admission proceeds directly to scientific research and conservation.

Every day there are shows and feeding moments.

close up picture of a seal head and neck       picture of hippo swimming showing top of his head

So if you want to see a little piece of Belgian history and plenty of animals get yourself a ticket, walk through the ancient entry gates where the magic begins.

Copy of Antwerp Zoo Map

ZOO Antwerpen
Koningin Astridplein 20-26
2018 Antwerpen


Tickets:  €17.50 (Student)/ €22.50 (Adult)

Open: everyday from 10am till 6pm (7pm on Sat & Sun)

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