Ladies and Gents, don't miss our trendy tote bag !

Let your inner-shopaholic out this season to indulge in shopping sprees in the diamond center of the world.  No one can stop you from treating yourself to a precious stone too as we, at Astoria hotel, full well know that you're worth it! You can start by booking our Diamond Package which, among many things, includes a real 0.02ct diamond! Yes Mam!

Exclusive to guest who make their booking via this website, having enjoyed your complimentary drinks in the lobby, upon leaving your room, you are welcome to store all luggage at the hotel for free as long as you like. We’ll happily keep an eye on it while you are out to scour the city for some more precious stuff to fill it with!

And this is the very best part where we jump in to equip you with some much needed space for all your purchased items. This way you're done juggling holding a dozen plastic bags, threatening to tear open at any given time, while struggling with other luggage on your way to the station. This much needed space comes in the form of a fashionable blue tote bag! Completely free for our esteemed guests!  Let the shopping begin!

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