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My name is Liam

If you have followed our hotel's Facebook page you will know that many friends were talking about me before I arrived. There were free nights to win for the person who could guess my name and for the person who could guess my date and hour of birth. 2 people are very happy with their FREE NIGHT at Astoria Hotel, the hotel where later I will work first as a trainee and later as the big boss.

My mother Deborah and my father Yannick are very proud of me because I already know how to scream in the baby phone and how to express myself when there is something I want. Let me tell you, when I want something, I want it now! You better hurry up when I say so.

This morning a woman came to my home, put me on her scale and she said I’m fine with my 3.330 kg. (As if this woman knows what’s good for me)

Friends from Facebook told me to be very sweet and quiet for the coming weeks because Santa Claus is coming in December with lots of presents. I promise to do my best to get the maximum on presents! After Santa Claus I’ll open my mouth again… that’s also a promise!

Warm regards,


(Future General Manager)

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