Santa Claus was a Big Success on Facebook

In order to achieve 1000 likes on Facebook we created a story that Santa's horse arrived at Astoria Hotel Antwerp without Santa! While the Facebook friends helped us to look for more likes for Astoria, we were looking for Santa Claus in the city to bring him on time to Astoria Hotel for our guests and Facebook friends.

After looking around without result, we went to the Police station with a picture of Santa Claus to report he missing. The Police of Antwerp helped us a lot and indicated that Santa might have fallen from his horse in the City Park.

It was already dark when we went to the City Park searching for Santa. Finally we found him, brought him to Astoria Hotel where he enjoyed his staying in a superior room with tea/coffee facilities and a warm shower. As his beard was very dirty from the accident he couldn’t manage to get his beard white again and he was obliged to shave… that’s why Santa is running around in the breakfast room with goodies but without beard!

We want to thank the Police of Antwerp, the staff and certainly the Facebook friends who helped us to reach 1000 likes!
Now we have a new goal… 1500 likes for a free night, including breakfast and a diamond!

Enjoy the pictures!

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