Summer in Antwerp

Tired of having the same boring summer year after year? If yes, then you're going to love the events we have coming up over the next 2 months here in Antwerp.  There will be so many things to see and do - you'll never be bored again!  Packed full of music, street theatre, outdoor cinema and more parties then you can count.

Below we discuss some of our personal favourites.

The Wooden Stand on the Schelde

I think all us locals can agree that there is no where quite as perfect to watch the sunset then on the river Schelde.  You have it all, the setting sun, sand, water and you can bask in the glory of nature.  Throughout the day you can sit back and chill out with a book and a drink, in the evening you’ll then enjoy the stunning sunset reflecting off the water’s surface. Want to enjoy it with friends or family instead?  Grills can be found around the area, all you need to do is bring your coals and food.  You’ll find the ideal hours for the sunsets on

The Old Gasworks in Zurenborg

Keep an eye on the Old Gasworks as over the summer period it is going to become the most popular place in town, hosting events that include Dj’s, outdoor films, gaming and urban sports.  Take the time to come along and join the parties, battle your friends on the Wi or maybe watch all your favourite internet clips on a big screen TV!

Music Caravan

Get ready for a music filled few months in Antwerp, a treat for everyone from local communities or just anyone who wants to take part. Offered are a great variety of music events and attending will be some local household names.  Each music genre will take place in specific parts of Antwerp, most squares you will find food stalls and all sorts of entertainment.  You can find out more on

Outdoor Cinema

One of the most exciting events of the summer will the films on the Schelde, never will you experience anything like this again.  In July the bathing boat is going to host an outdoor cinema and in August it will be The Hangar.  Where else can you sit on a boats deck, or sand banks and watch a movie?  To top it off, during the film break anyone will get free soup!

There is so much more happening this summer so check out the official site on  Majority of the events will be offered free of charge, so they simply should not be missed!

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