The Power of Facebook!

We've posted weekly over the years several pictures and comments on our Astoria Hotel Antwerp Facebook page and got many positive reactions from several fans.

In December 2012 we received a big increase of friends and comments when we posted over a few days a story that Santa Claus disappeared in Antwerp and the Astoria crew was looking around everywhere to find him on time before 6 of December.

We were very happy with the increase of Astoria’s friends and I even mentioned that I wanted one day as many comments as Obama gets on his page…

What happened this week is far above what we expected! Before bringing a small amount of money to the bank, all coins 20 cents and smaller, we thought of taking a picture of the money on my desk and let the friends on Facebook guess how much the total was. The most close answer wins a free night, including buffet breakfast.

The post was done on Wednesday afternoon about 2 PM. After the post I was in a meeting and I saw my phone lightening up every time when somebody posted their guess.

After the meeting we reached almost 700 answers and 56 shares. We were very happy with that result because we usually get between 100 and 200 answers on our famous “FREE NIGHT QUESTIONS”

When I woke op on Thursday morning I couldn’t believe my eyes! We received over 2000 answers! When I arrived an hour later in the office we reached almost 2500 answers. Since then it went faster than a train… today Friday at 5 PM we have 12.473 answers and 212 shares! And it’s not over yet, every few seconds somebody posts a guess. OH MY GOD!!!! OBAMA, HERE WE COME!

I’m very happy that I did not post to come for a free drink to Astoria Hotel… we would go bankrupt!

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