Caricatures and portraits for the manager’s birthday!

It has become a fashion in Astoria Hotel to cook or bake cakes when it's your birthday. For months, the closer it got to my birthday the more I started to sweat because I'm really not the right person to cook lunch or bake cakes... The kitchen is my best friend if it stays clean with the odd exceptions of home delivered pizza, a coffee or a tea and ready meals made by my mother.

I don’t see myself baking a huge cake and hell you don't want to know how it might taste! Something more creative had to be found to stop colleagues asking me what I was going to cook…

On Internet I found Roger Verlinden, master in drawing caricatures and portraits. That’s for sure something different than baking a boring (to me) cake!

Roger was here the whole day drawing all the colleagues, putting smiles on everybody’s face watching each other’s caricatures and everybody was very happy to have a souvenir to take home!

Me? I’m very happy to have another year to practice making cakes

PS: Want to see the other caricatures and portraits? Check our Facebook page!

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