Service Week!

It has become a yearly tradition in our company to have SERVICE WEEK in the middle of the year.

Service Week is our opportunity to celebrate our team and thank everyone for taking care of our guests. We want especially to thank all our staff for their flexibility, good work and for being part of the team.

This whole week Astoria Hotel planned surprises with lovely food and gifts. Yesterday we had grilled chicken brochettes delivered by one of our favourite restaurants in the city. Instead of a quick lunch in between work, this week we took the time to eat together, spend more time to eat more than a usual lunch and laughed a lot. It’s even harder to go back to work after a heavy lunch with so much fun!

Today, totally unexpected, the “Summer Santa Claus” came with perfume for everybody! Far over the budget but… ah, it’s the one time in the year where I can give all my staff a big hug with tears in my eyes and say a big THANK YOU to be part of my team… It’s worth to take the chance to get kicked out by the owners :)

I can proudly announce that I am very happy with my super team and I truly hope we can work together until I retire (over 20 years)! With pleasure I keep you in my team and keep all my treasures like precious diamonds!

Million kisses,

France De Zutter
General Manager

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