Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Romantic Escapes at Astoria

Enjoy a weekend away at Astoria Hotel Antwerp with your loved one. Create romantic memories that will last a life time.

Recent studies have shown that the modern material gifts we buy for loved ones are losing their charm. They have proven that satisfaction diminishes in a matter of days when the initial excitement wears off. However great memories and unforgettable experiences are with you for a lifetime.


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Order flowers with the Astoria Hotel

You can order a bouquet of flowers, or petals to be in your room prior to arrival.

Did you know you can order flowers through the Astoria Hotel to surprise a loved one? You can order your flowers via the booking process by selecting them from t...

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New in Antwerp: Out of The Box Escape Games and Robuust, Zero Waste Shop

New Attractions in Antwerp

We’re still riding the tide a bit from the incredible year that was 2014. Thanks for going on the journey with us! Cheers to what’s to come in 2015! Happy New Year!

Out of The Box Escape Games

This concept is growing and growing all over the world. The only...

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Christmas Shopping and Winter Sales in Antwerp

Here is the ideal mix for your Antwerp city break shake:

  • Easily reached by train or plane
  • An excellent array of accommodations (read Astoria Hotel)
  • Top i...

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A Quest for Sweetness

Learn how Belgian chocolate is good for you!

Winter is nigh and chances are you'll feel fatigued and need that extra source of energy. Your primal instinct is to hide under the duvet & indulge in chocolate, either in liquid form or in tablets to get well. Although I wish this was my doctor's prescription, the truth is not too far from it.&...

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