Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Summer Events in Antwerp

What you can experience for everyone in Antwerp in Summer

Many experiences for everyone in Antwerp this summer!


From the 23rd of June till the 12th of July 2015 Sinksenfoor is the place to be in Antwerp. This fair is located at Park East ...

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Comedian Al Murray @ Antwerp

A night well spent if you ask me!

Stand-up comedy at its best in the Arenberg! 

'HAIL TO THE ALE' commands a familiar voice and the show commences! We're seated at the 'Arenbergshouwburg', a small theater, oozing with character in the heart of Antwerp. I had booked tickets way in advance and up...

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Inter-connecting Family Rooms

Astoria Hotel Antwerp has a number of inter-connecting family rooms available which are perfect for family Holidays to Antwerp

All your family needs & more

Sometimes travelling with your family can be troublesome. Many hotels don't have family rooms and when they do the...

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Romantic Escapes at Astoria

Enjoy a weekend away at Astoria Hotel Antwerp with your loved one. Create romantic memories that will last a life time.

Recent studies have shown that the modern material gifts we buy for loved ones are losing their charm. They have proven that satisfaction diminishes in a matter of days when the initial excitement wears off. However great memories and unforgettable experiences are with you for a lifetime.


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Order flowers with the Astoria Hotel

You can order a bouquet of flowers, or petals to be in your room prior to arrival.

Did you know you can order flowers through the Astoria Hotel to surprise a loved one? You can order your flowers via the booking process by selecting them from t...

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