Astoria Hotel Antwerp

A Quest for Sweetness

Learn how Belgian chocolate is good for you!

Winter is nigh and chances are you'll feel fatigued and need that extra source of energy. Your primal instinct is to hide under the duvet & indulge in chocolate, either in liquid form or in tablets to get well. Although I wish this was my doctor's prescription, the truth is not too far from it.&...

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Breakfast at the Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Get your day off to a great start with a mouth watering breakfast.

Enjoy a mouth watering breakfast in the Astoria.  We offer a wide range of foods from our cold & hot buffet - all guaranteed to...

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Astoria Hotel on Tripadvisor

Since many years Astoria Hotel Antwerp is listed on Tripadvisor (like all hotels all over the world) but we are very proud to be always ranked in the first 7 out of 77 Antwerp Hotels and apparently 91 reviews were rated as Excellent and 165 reviews are rated as Very Good. 83% of our...

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Markets in Antwerp

When traveling to new cities and countries we always feel that local markets can give you a wonderful insight into different cultures. Antwerp has a lot to offer when it comes to markets through out the year.

In Antwerp there are various districts with organised markets. Some of them offer a specific range and are definitely worth a visit.

Weekly Markets

Vogelenmarkt (birdmarket)

  • Flowers, antiques, fabrics, jewelery, food and drinks and offc...

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Local Attractions near the Astoria Hotel

Astoria Hotel has a fantastic city centre location, this means all the most popular attractions are at your front door when staying with us. Here are but a few.


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