Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Summer has begun!

Antwerp may not be the tropical island you are dreaming of, but there is still so much to do during the summer months.

Tropical beaches, palm trees and a fancy cocktail in your hand….no this is not the image you’ll have when you think of Antwerp. Although, there are a lot of nice things to do throughout the summer in this beautiful city. Let me give you some nice ideas:

Cargo Bar

Relaxing music...

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Taking place between 07/06/14 & 13/07/14

Sinksenfoor is a 6 week long annual fair on the Antwerp docks. With over 150 attractions along with the fairs in Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Liège and Ostend, Sinksenfoor belongs to the great Belgian fairgrounds. The fair takes its name from the Sinksenfeest, known as Pinkstere...

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Antwerp Zoo

When you visit the city of Antwerp, then you should not miss the Antwerp Zoo.

The majestic Antwerp Zoo lays hidden in a quiet corner of the Astridplein next to the Central Station which makes it a perfect location. The Zoo Antwerp and Planckendael had 1,6 million visitors in 2013 and dates back from 1853 which makes it the oldest zoo in Belgium.

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What NOT to do when visiting the gym at Leopold Hotel Antwerp

Check out one way not to use this machine.


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Antwerp’s world famous painter Peter Paul Rubens

We proudly introduce one of our most famous residents

As the Rubens House is one of the most popular attractions in Antwerp, and we are very proud of his magnificent skills, I would like to introduce you to an amazing painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens.

Peter Paul Rubens was born in Siegen, Germany. Rubens began his education in Cologne, then i...

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