Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Opening Red Star Line Museum

New museum opens in Antwerp on 28/09/13

From 1800, millions of people left Europe to start new lives in America. The Red Star Line steamers alone carried 2 million people from Antwerp between 1873 and 1934 and this new museum allows you to discover their stories. Follow the migrant’s journeys and learn the history of one of the Atlanti...

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Summer in Antwerp

Check out the amazing events happening this summer in Antwerp.

Tired of having the same boring summer year after year?  If yes, then you’re going to love the events we have coming up over the next 2 months here in Antwerp.  There will be so many things to see and do – you’ll never be bored again!  Packed full of music, street the...

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Astoria and Leopold's "marriage" celebration

Recently the Leopold Hotel Antwerp hosted a celebration for the union of the Astoria and Leopold Hotel under one team.

We're very happy to announce that on the on the 26th of April we made it official, we celebrated "the marriage" between Astoria Hotel*** and Leopold Hotel****.  I considered making an attempt to describe how truly magnificent the day was and then I figured that simply would not ...

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Astoria & Leopold

We join management with our sister hotel to become one big team offering better service to our guests

As you may have heard, we will be working more closely with our sister hotel, the Leopold Hotel Antwerp. The Astoria Hotel *** and the Leopold Hotel **** are just 200m from each other a...

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The Power of Facebook!

An amazing response to our Facebook question to win free night at our hotel!

We’ve posted weekly over the years several pictures and comments on our Astoria Hotel Antwerp Facebook page and got many positive reactions from several fans.

In December 2012 we received a big increase of friends and...

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