Astoria Hotel Antwerp

Don't miss our trendy tote bag!

Ladies and Gents don't miss your chance.

Let your inner-shopaholic out this season to indulge in shopping sprees in the diamond center of the world.  No one can stop you from treating yourself to a precious stone too as we, at Astoria hotel, full well know that you're worth it! You can start by booking our Diamond Package which,...

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We adore Christmas Markets!

Here at Astoria Hotel Antwerp we love this time of year, for many reasons but especially the markets!

Dear guests,

Our favourite time of the year is just few weeks away.  To bring the spirit of the season out in everyone, the Grote Markt in Antwerp will be transformed into a wonderful Christmas market: 100 stalls where you can stock up on Christmas decorations taste some local d...

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Antwerp Chocolate Shops & Tour

Read all about the Chocolate Shops we recommend and an excellent tour to undertake

Antwerp and Belgium excel at many things food related sea food, beer, waffles, fries, stews the list is endless. This month we're going to discuss the ultimate treat, chocolate.

Its quite hard to think of chocolate with out associating it with Belgium.  I think we can all agree tha...

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Opening Red Star Line Museum

New museum opens in Antwerp on 28/09/13

From 1800, millions of people left Europe to start new lives in America. The Red Star Line steamers alone carried 2 million people from Antwerp between 1873 and 1934 and this new museum allows you to discover their stories. Follow the migrant’s journeys and learn the history of one of the Atlanti...

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Summer in Antwerp

Check out the amazing events happening this summer in Antwerp.

Tired of having the same boring summer year after year?  If yes, then you’re going to love the events we have coming up over the next 2 months here in Antwerp.  There will be so many things to see and do – you’ll never be bored again!  Packed full of music, street the...

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