Antwerp Attractions

Distances to local attractions from the hotel:

  • Diamond District 50 metres
  • City Centre 0.7Km
  • Cathedral of our lady 1Km
  • City Hall 1Km
  • Fashion museum 1Km
  • Maritime museum 1.1Km
  • Royal Museum of Fine Art 1.3Km
  • Rubens House 0.7Km
  • Antwerp Zoo 0.4Km
  • Vogel Market 0.5Km
  • Vlaamse Opera 0.6 Km
  • Bourla Schouwburg (Theatre) 0.7 Km
  • Arenberg Schouwburg (Theatre) 0.6 Km
  • Stadsschouwburg (Theatre) 0.5 Km
  • Sportpales 4km (10min by metro)
  • Lotto Arena 4km (10min by metro)
  • Royal Antwerp FC (4km)
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